HED. Europe Announces Vanquish 4 & Vanquish 8

Hed. is very pleased to announce the completion of the Vanquish product family, with the new Vanquish 4 and Vanquish 8. Both feature an internal rim width of 21mm, and an outer rim width of 30mm. Like the Vanquish 6, these rims are disc-brake-specific and may not be used with rim brakes. All three Vanquish wheels feature unprecedented aerodynamic performance, with virtually no difference between 23mm, 25mm, and 28mm tires.

Like other Hed carbon wheels, the Vanquish 4 and 8 rims are made fully in-house at Hed’s own Minnesota factory. The wheels are also hand finished and assembled there, with Hed’s proven 545 Disc hub set – featuring compatibility with all major drivetrains and axle options.

Anne Hed, CEO of Hed Cycling, commented, “We are very proud of the Vanquish series and know that customers will love the new V4 and V8. They’re really changing what’s possible with aerodynamic performance and new tire sizes, and we can’t wait to see athletes around the world try them out!”

Vanquish wheel sets start at 2.570,00€. V4 and V6 available now in limited quantities, V8 available August 1st, 2018.