Introducing The Vanquish 6

To date, the best, fastest, and most reliable clincher wheels have been our aluminum-and-carbon Jet wheels. Nothing brings you more speed, comfort, and handling – for a great price. After years of testing and development, we're proud to say that we've taken clincher technology one sizable step further, with the new all-carbon VANQUISH 6.

While many other manufacturers rushed into making full-carbon clinchers, we prefer a much more calculated approach. We don't use a material (such as carbon, or aluminum, or anything) just to use it. We use the material that is the best application for the product, in order to make the fastest, safest, most reliable product - while also being the best possible value for your money.

Please note that the Vanquish 6 is available in a disc brake model ONLY. Why, you ask? Two reasons: 1) Carbon rims do not cool as efficiently as alloy rims. The extreme heating and cooling cycles of an all-carbon rim brake clincher rim compromises the structural integrity the inner tube and can cause a tire to soften or even melt – an clear safety risk. 2) Removing the rim brake from the equation allowed us to make a new rim profile that simply wouldn’t fit inside of a rim brake. It’s a true disc-brake-specific rim, unencumbered by rim brake constraints.