Will A 12 Speed Cassette Fit A 10 Speed Hub

A 12-speed cassette will not fit on a 10-speed hub. The cassette is the part of the bike that attaches to the wheel and contains the gears. The hub is the part of the bike that the wheel spins around.

The number of speeds refers to the number of gears on the cassette. A 10-speed cassette has 10 gears, and a 12-speed cassette has 12 gears.

If you’re wondering if a 12 speed cassette will fit a 10 speed hub, the answer is maybe. It depends on the specific hub that you have. Some 10 speed hubs are compatible with 12 speed cassettes, but others are not.

If you’re not sure whether or not your hub is compatible, it’s best to check with the manufacturer or with a local bike shop.

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Will a Shimano 12 speed cassette fit 10 speed hub?

Shimano’s 12 speed cassettes will not fit on a 10 speed hub. The reason for this is that the 12 speed cassette has a larger overall width, and so the spacing between the cogs is also wider. This wider spacing is necessary to accommodate the larger chain used on 12 speed drivetrains.

Shimano does make a cassette adapter that allows you to use a 12 speed cassette with a 10 speed hub, but this is not recommended as it may cause shifting problems.

Can I put an 11 speed cassette on a 10 speed hub road bike?

11 speed cassettes are not compatible with 10 speed hubs. The cassette requires a wider freehub body in order to accommodate the wider spacing of the gears. Additionally, the 11 speed cassette uses a different size lockring than a 10 speed cassette, so you would need to purchase a new lockring as well.

Can you use a 12 speed derailleur on 10 speed cassette?

There are a few things to consider when wondering if you can use a 12 speed derailleur on a 10 speed cassette. The first is the spacing of the cassette cogs. 12 speed cassettes have a narrower spacing than 10 speed cassettes, so using a 12 speed derailleur designed for the narrower cog spacing may result in the derailleur overshifting or not being able to line up properly with the cassette cogs.

Additionally, the chainrings on a 10 speed drivetrain are spaced further apart than on a 12 speed drivetrain, so a 12 speed derailleur may not be able to properly line up with the chainrings. Finally, 12 speed drivetrains use a different width chain than 10 speed drivetrains, so using a 12 speed derailleur on a 10 speed drivetrain may result in the chain being too wide for the derailleur to properly engage.

Do all cassettes fit all hubs?

No, all cassettes do not fit all hubs. Each cassette has a specific compatibility with a certain type of hub. For example, a Shimano cassette will only fit on a Shimano hub.

There are some, however, that are compatible with multiple types of hubs.

will a 12 speed cassette fit a 10 speed hub

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10 speed to 12 speed conversion

The most common question we get asked is whether or not our 10 speed cassettes will work with 12 speed drivetrains. The answer is unfortunately, no. 10 speed and 12 speed cassettes have different spacing between the cogs and therefore are not compatible. If you’re looking to upgrade from 10 speed to 12 speed, you’ll need to replace your entire drivetrain – cassette, chain, shifters, and derailleurs.

This can be a costly upgrade, but the good news is that 12 speed components are becoming more and more common and therefore more affordable. We hope this answers your question. If not, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.


If you have a 10 speed Shimano cassette hub, you can use a 12 speed Shimano cassette with an adaptor. The cassette will fit on the splines of the hub, but the adaptor is necessary to take up the slack in the system.

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